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Help Content for Registration form using CSS

Here , I am describing a help content for a registration fields.
Some Time we have to make a registration form, where we want to show some information about the Input fields.
Here, I am making a tooltip using CSS and HTML.

Company Name

Common Mistake in Echo statement

I am describing a little problem, Normally face by a programmer.
This is a common Problem, Which can Produce in a large program a wrong output.


You know the use of echo in PHP, which used for displaying data or some result in the webpage.

Example are as follow:

//   (1)  for displaying some paragraph;
echo "I am writing a code.";
// it will display the line on the webpage:  I am writing a code.

//   (2) For addition of Numbers
echo 3+3;
// It will display on the webpage: 6

//   (3)  Paragraph and addition of numbers
echo "The Sum is : 3 + 3 :". 3 + 3;

// it will display on the webpage:  6


Make a Custom Slider Using JQuery

<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
   margin: 10px 0px;

<div dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;" trbidi="on">
<ul class="userslider" style="height: 0px; overflow: hidden;">
<img class="users" src="" id="user1" style="display: none;" />
<img class="users" src="" id="user2" style="display: none;" />
<img class="users" src="" id=&qu…

Check Traffic Sources

Click to large Currently Working on the stuff:
if(isset($_GET['token'])) {
$token = sanitize($_GET['token']);
$sqlcheck = "select `traficsource_source` from `traficsource` where `traficsource_source`='{$token}'";
$result = $dbLink->query($sqlcheck);
if($result->num_rows == 0) {
$sql1="INSERT INTO `traficsource`
(`traficsource_source`, `traficsource_count`, `traficsource_insert`, `traficsource_update`)
('{$token}', '1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, now())"; $result = $dbLink->query($sql1);
} else {
$sql1="update `traficsource` set `traficsource_count`=(`traficsource_count`+1),`traficsource_update`=now() where `traficsource_source`='{$token}'"; $result = $dbLink->query($sql1);

Basic Website standard must to be maintain in web development

Here we are describing Basic standard to maintain for Proper optimize website
Website Standard to Maintain
Proper Title of all pagesMeta Tag and description correct on all pagesCreate Sitemap with Priority on XMLDon’t include sitemap.xml and robot.txt in search Engine or as Back links Verified the site on webmasters provided by various search EngineProper Navigation to siteSitemap on front for user to easily browse the whole websiteStandard HTMl docs type and CSS Validation