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A Trip to MHOW - Military Headquarters Of War

MHOW(महू) is the short term for "Military Headquarters Of War".

We have went there for a Trip on weekend.
We have visited there Patalpani.

I with 4 of my friends went there with Bike from Indore. It is approx 30 KM far away from our home.

       We have started journey at 1:30 PM on 21th July,2014. And reach there at 3:00 PM, Its because of our one friend's Discipline Driving. He thinks that the speed of the bike is between 40 to 50 KM is better. Also his thinking is that Two thing is important in life rather then other are Life and Food. And a fact is with him is he is fat.

          So on the story, we are there at 3:00 PM, We have noticed that there is many girls rather then boys in the Village. Its a interesting point and we can't understand its why??
       We have taken their Some tea and Biscuit, and ask Tea-man about the anythere way to go some-where else, He suggest us o take the way to MHOW - 7 KM  far away from there.
     After we have taken some enjoyme…

A Trip to Banglore

This is My First visit to Banglore, A South Indian City.
I have booked a ticket from Nagpur to Banglore with One of My Friend (Prashant).
We have done Engineering from one of Government College of Jabalpur. We have not got placement in our college, so we have decided to search job on Banglore.
We have reached at evening there. My friend said that our seniors are there, But after reaching there. He said that he lives in Hostel, so we have to search for a stay on Banglore.
We are with 3 Bags and no stay options.
We also don't know about the city, so we have decided to Book a Cheap Hotels or laudge/

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