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Gallery Hover Effect via only CSS


For Making this Effect:
We have to Defined only four class on CSS as following:

.container {
margin: 10px;
.imgb { 
display: none;
position: absolute;
.container:hover .imgb { 
display: block;
.clear { 

Description: container:
We have take attribute of float to left, so that our gallery 's Images will be distributed as a uniform manner.
This is the big image, which will be display on hover on the above div, So we have defined its attribute to display none, and the position is absolute. so that the image will not take space on pages. and will like a popup effect.
.container:hover .imgb
This property is the main point for this. The display of the class imgb is going to block after hovering on class container.
This div is made for breaking the flow of content from left i.e.  float:left will be disable after this.

Now we have to make HTML:

<div class="container">
<img src="short-image-url">
<img src="lar…

Welcome Back Yowi's Form

Welcome Back Yowi's Form

India won the match with the inning of Yuwi (60 of 42)

Man of the match: R Ashwin.

           This world-cup is for the bowler of India.
Consecutive two MoM to Amit and now the Ashwin.

India need 2 win to won the World T20 Cup - 2014.

Ellen’s Oscars group selfie most retweeted tweet ever, first to cross 1- and 2M retweets